Internet Support

The availability of high speed, wired fiber internet access with no data limits has already allowed at least two individuals to start and operate businesses, coming to their “office” at the Skyline on a regular schedule.  With additional promotion, we expect others to do this as well, on a regular or as-needed basis (e.g., when they hit the satellite data limit).  By providing this facility, we allow small entrepreneurs to remain in the community to support themselves. 

Internet-based Training

Skyline facilities allow area residents to take college courses, participate in meetings and webinars, and use online and media based training materials.  Trained staff and volunteers provide expertise and guidance to make the technology effective and efficient.

Technical support and assistance

The community does not have a place where someone can go for minor assistance – e.g., how to set up a new computer, file a tax return online, solve a program problem, or get a new worker started on essential business software.  While these problems may irritate a larger organization, for a small family business, they can form a major obstacle.  As more state and federal agencies require online reporting, small businesses need assistance getting up to speed with new regulations.

Specialized Training

Skyline REC will soon offer sales classes, with mentoring by professionals with decades of experience in successful selling.  These classes will help local businesses extend their reach beyond the immediate area.  Additional programs will help area residents develop their passions for music and arts into income producing ventures, and   allow professionals with continuing education requirements to address those needs locally. We are exploring a wide variety of class offerings, ranging from nurses’ continuing education, to sound stage management, to operation and maintenance of timber harvesting equipment.  Many of these support local business needs; others offer an opportunity for an individual to acquire new skills and opportunities.


Teleconferencing equipment will allow people to participate in remote meetings, host training or sales presentations, take webcast or online courses, and conduct business outside the immediate area.  

Skyline Regional Education Center
 - about your business!

Come to the Skyline to get what you need to start and operate your own business. The Skyline Regional Education Center can help, from college level courses, to technical assistance, or just access to high speed broadband.

Lunch and Learn programs make it easy to get up to speed on the latest in marketing and business technology.  Each program offers a standalone topic in a relaxed atmosphere.

Training and mentoring programs provide ongoing, in-depth training, using our library of reference materials, mentoring from seasoned professionals, and learning experiences tailored to your goals.

The Sales Club meets to grow skills, share experiences, learn new techniques, and develop sales expertise that will take the products and services of Northeast Michigan to a wider area, growing our local economy.

The Passion to Profits program help individuals with skills and talents turn those into an enjoyable business that adds income to their families. We can help you navigate the complexities of a small business startup, meet with people who have made it work, understand some of the regulations and legal requirements, and get some great advice from experienced artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

Whether it involves art, crafts, music, or some special talent, our entrepreneurial assistance can help to organize your small business and offer support in some of those areas outside your expertise.

How can we help you?
 Visit or call to meet with our staff and tailor our services to meet your needs.