Sally Jenks, BA, MA, CCHP, works as an artist, owner and operator of White Feather Studio in the Eastown section of Grand Rapids, Michigan. At Aquinas College, she earned her degree in Studio Art and Art History in 2010.  Her studies included a semester in Tully Cross, Ireland.  At Syracuse University, she studied Art History, and completed an MA in Museum Studies, with a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Study in Cultural Hertitage Preservation.

She has worked as a consultant with a number of collections in small museums and historical societies, including the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Byron Center Historical Society, and the Byrd Library Plastics Collection in Syracuse, NY.

History comprises written documents, photographs, art objects, audio and video recordings, and artifacts.  Collected and maintained, these all help a community to connect with its past, and to discover a sense of identity and purpose.

History involves reading, storytelling, and interpretation, but first and foremost, it requires preservation.  Forces of nature tend to reduce everything to its basic elements— dust to dust.

Whether you work in a museum, an historical society, a library, a school, or a local club or society, or if you have family heirlooms, you work to maintain and protect important pieces of history and culture for future generations.

The Preservation Workshop offers an opportunity to learn the best practices for  storing, displaying, cataloging, transporting, and protecting historical materials.


“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” - Pearl Buck

“Professor Johnston often said that if you didn't know history, you didn't know anything. You were a leaf that didn't know it was part of a tree. “    Michael Chrichton


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What to bring:
- Paper and notebook
- Sample artifacts or any other items of particular interest
- Questions, stories, interesting situations
- WiFi is available if you wish to bring a laptop or tablet

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Sponsors for the Preservation Workshop include the Oscoda County Art Council, featuring the Timberland Quilt Trail.

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Conference Schedule

Friday, February 10
tentative schedule


9:00     Welcome, introductions, coffee

9:30      An overview of materials and the threats, risks, concerns, special considerations, and techniques

11:00    Discussion: Promoting displays with education programs, rotation, and other methods.

12:00 Lunch, discussion, networking

1:00 Techniques for safe displays, in house or travelling.
Packing, storing, unpacking
Cleaning and restoring

3:30 Questions and answers, discussion